“Have a good day with a positive attitude and a good massage…”

We all need a break from our tiring schedules, and nothing rejuvenates the mind, body, and soul like a good massage. When it comes to perfect pressure points and triggers, Bella Shades of Beauty has highly trained masseur who understands exactly how it’s done.

You can enjoy one of the quick massages where we apply soothing long strokes using light pressure to work out the kinks in your target area. Or, you can opt for the ultimate relaxation experience with a full body massage with our Thai relaxing massage technique. This treatment with long strokes and kneading will loosen tight muscles, and relieve stress to soothe multiple focus areas along with a therapeutic scalp massage. Enjoy head-to-toe coverage for an a truly amazing experience.

Stress, anxiety, muscle aches, toxins, and pain… just let it all go with our soothing massages.

  • Indian Head Massage – £15
  • Upper Body Massage – £18
  • Lower Body Massage- £22
  • Full Body Massage – £35
  • Feet and Leg Massage – £25
  • Full Body Reflexology plus Thai Relaxing Massage (head massage including) – £40

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