Hair Solutions for Dry and Damaged Hair

The pollution these days is not only damaging the environment but also your hair. It is one of the major causes your hair looks dry, dull, and brittle. Health, diet, or illness can also be responsible for poor hair, but you shouldn’t worry, as we are here to talk about our tried and tested hair solutions for dry, damaged hair


Ever wonder why our mothers and grandmother have always badgered us about oiling our hair and why there is always a bottle of oil (mustard, caster, and olive) found in their toilet or the dresser? The obvious reason, they know better! Oil is an essential ingredient to get gorgeous and healthy hair. Not only oil is essential for nourishment of your scalp, but also treats dandruff, split ends and open follicles. Oil your hair from roots to tips of your hair and wrap in hot towel for an hour or two and then wash your hair and thank us later. Try doing this twice or thrice a week to see a major transformation of your hair.

Hair Masks:

There are a variety of hair masks available in the market these days made up of active ingredients such as jojoba, magnesium, and proteins that are an absolute necessity for your hair. If you don’t want to invest in commercial products the best way to go is with our favorite DIY Hair Masks. Not only these common ingredients are always lying around your kitchen, but you will instantly bring back life to your hair.

Detoxify and Shampoo:

Just like how important it is to look after your skin for a glowy and clear complexion, same with your scalp, to have shiny and healthy hair, having Healthy scalp is most important. Detoxifying your scalp of dead skin cells and product residue helps cleaning your hair follicles and for the growth of new hair. Hair fall is a natural process, but excessive hair fall can lead to stress and bald spots, which to be fair nobody likes. Detoxifying your scalp will help you not only lead to less hair fall but also will help you grow new hair from roots. The massage itself improves blood circulation and relaxes you.

With all the fancy shampoos available in the market it gets so confusing which shampoo to use. Always find the shampoo with right ingredients that will suit your hair type. The shampoo with organic ingredients and fewer chemicals are the best. Never apply shampoo directly to hair but dilute with water first and then apply on hair. It’s better not to over rub your hair while washing as that will lead to major hair breakage. Only massage your scalp and let the remaining hair rinse off.


After shampoo, conditioning is the utmost important step that you should not overlook ever. Make sure to cover all your hair from the tips of your hair to top but leave the roots. The conditioner nourishes the hair, locks in the moisture that is stripped off by shampooing, and makes your hair soft and shiny. Make sure to use the right kind of conditioner for your hair type and need. Use the conditioner on wet hair after shampoo and leave it in for a few minutes before rinsing it off with water. Towel dry and apply a leave-in conditioner for smoother, shinier and softer hair. Let your hair air dry instead of using hair dryer as hot, dry air will do more harm to your hair.

Hair Serums and Heat Protectants:

It has become nearly impossible to style your hair without using any electrical heating hair styling tool, whether it be a hair straightener, curler or dryer. All these tools not only damage your hair but are the major cause of hair fall, dry & brittle hair, so it is better to avoid using them but if you must then always use heat protectant products and hair serums to protect your hair from getting damaged.

Hope all these tips help you achieve healthy, lush mane that you see in the hair commercials J P.s If you are in New Castle you should drop by at our salon, we provide the best hair services in town. For appointments call (07598546919, 01915630690)

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