No two people look the same. Similarly, no two eye shapes are the same; once you have established exactly what your eye shape is, you will know what technique to use to achieve the look that’s best for you.

Some of the more commonly known eye shapes include Hooded, Close-set eyes, Wide-set eyes, round eyes, and the list goes on.  There are times when you can even have a combination of two or three types of these eye shapes, so it is essential you know what technique to adapt to achieve your look.

To start with the makeup, you need to understand the eye shape in-depth; there are 3 parts of your eye that define your eye shape those are lid, crease and brow bone.

Lid or mobile lid, as the experts call it is the area where you apply the eye shadow, this part of your skin or eye area when you blink moves and gets visible.

When your eyes are open, you see a slight crease above the lid that is the crease area.

Above the crease area and below your eyebrows, you have a slightly bony structure. This is your brow bone.

It is important that you know where all of these three parts are placed so you can do your eye makeup accordingly.


As the name suggests does not have a visible crease area, and that’s the reason why you feel like there is just one lid. There is no difference between the crease and the lid. It is essential that for a monolid eye you create an illusion of a crease using a darker matte brown eye shadow. You draw in a crease and create that illusion first and then continue with the eye shadow makeup application.


In case of the hooded eyes the skin on top of your brow bone starts dropping down, and it covers your entire lid. So in case of a hooded eye, you make sure that your eye shadow application is higher than the crease area; that way, when your eyes are open and the min you blink, the eye shadow shows up on your eyes.


The technique that you use for the wide-set eyes is an absolute no no for a close set eye. For wide-set eyes, you always use a slightly darker color on the inside corner of your eye; you can even smoke out or draw in your Kohl towards the inside edge of your eyes. This will further close the eyes and will bring the eyes closer to each other.


In case of the close-set eyes, as the name suggests, it is already too close to the bridge of your nose, so you need to take it away. You create the illusion by applying a highlighter or a lighter color along the inside corner of the eyes.


Round eyes are a bit more round in shape; in such a case you need to create an illusion of an almond shape by bringing out your eyeliner and applying your eye shadows in using to contour your eyes. In case of the round eyes, remember not to tight line your eyes too much, and in case you do bring out your eyeliner because tight lining your lower and upper lash line can further emphasize your round shape.


Protruding eyes are opposite of deep-set eyes; in case of protruding eye set, make sure to never apply a highlighter or a shimmer based product right on your lid. Doing so it will catch more light and make your eyes appear more protruding


As you can tell by the name, the eyes are placed more profound into the socket. It is important that for an eye shape like this, you use lighter colors on the eyelids and avoid heavy or dark shades as it will make your eye look deeper.


Downturned or droopy eyes, the skin of the outside corner droops down, or your brow bones are shaped such that your eyes look droopy. What is essential in the case of droopy eyes is that you give the lift to the eye from the corners and create an illusion of lifting eye with the eye shadow.


An upturned eye is opposite of droopy eye; in this case, the outside corner of the eye is lifted. In this case you need to make sure that you don’t wing out your eyeliner too much because it will pull out your eye even more.

Hope this article was useful and helpful in making you differentiate between various eye shapes and how to manipulate them using eye makeup.

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