Common Waxing Mistakes to Avoid

Waxing is one of the most reliable and oldest hair removal method preferred by so many people to get rid of unwanted hair. A good wax will last so much longer and keep your skin looking so much neater and softer, but with so many options available, there are some common mistakes that we all make that we can easily avoid.  These mistakes cannot only increase pain while getting a wax but also lead to many skin related problems.

Here are some common mistakes that you should avoid at all costs.

1.   Waxing short hair

The most common mistake that we often see happening is that girls won’t wait till their hair is completely to grown enough to wax. This usually results in uneven growth of hair as the grip on shorter hair it gets so much more difficult with wax, and they don’t get pulled out.

It is much better if the length of your hair is at least 6mm in length, or at a good two and half week’s growth from your last.

2. Waxing in the wrong direction

Always remember to pull off the waxing strip in the opposite direction of hair growth, but sometimes while trying waxing at home, people tend to forget this important rule and end up damaging their skin as well as just hurting themselves.

It is better to pull the waxing strip in one quick, swift motion in the opposite direction for your hair growth on your skin. You will see much better results if you remove the strip quicker, and you will feel much less pain this way.

3. Not using a Powder

Your skin produces a natural oil that creates a barrier between the wax and your skin and it gets much harder for the wax to stick to your skin and hair. If you have just taken a shower or clean your skin before waxing, apply talcum/baby powder to the areas you need to wax. The powder will soak up the oil and help the hair stick to the wax easily.

4. Not Exfoliating

One of the main problems that people face is the ingrown hair, but what they don’t realize is that it can be avoided so easily with regular exfoliation. While showering or generally of you properly exfoliate and moisturize your skin, it will allow the hair to grow much neatly and properly. You should also use an after wax oil or lotion after waxing to keep your skin moisturized.

5. Wax Aftercare

After you have waxed your body, you should be careful about how you treat it. You should not take a hot bath, or the hot temperature of the water on the skin might cause a reaction. It is also not advised to swim or go out in the direct sunlight, as these will irritate your open hair follicles. Furthermore you should avoid waxed areas from using perfumes, body sprays, or makeup as the open pores after wax can get itchy, or you might get a skin reaction. Wearing tight clothes should also be avoided soon afterward as it will cause perspiration and the bacteria will instantly start growing. All these precautions should be taken seriously for at least 24 hours after a waxing session.

6. Not waxing regularly

Waxing allows the hair to grow as it’s naturally intended with a soft end, which doesn’t cut in the skin. It is far better continue to keep your hair waxing in the exact growth cycle for a smooth, hair-free result that will give you long-lasting results. Regular waxing makes the waxing less painful and gradually stops from hair from growing at all.

We hope now that you have read this article you will avoid making above mentioned mistakes and get a gorgeous, smoother waxing experience. Bella Shades of beauty provides the best waxing services for our esteemed clients that not only last for weeks but we will also solve your wax related problems and issues effectively. Contact us today and get a free consultation from our expert.

Why Waxing Is The Best Hair Removing Method

Hair removal is something that has become unavoidable. The question that arises here is whether to wax, shave, thread, or go for laser hair removal treatment.

With so many options out there it is not uncommon to get confused, but we have tried and tested all methods for you and have concluded that waxing is the best way to go.

In this article we will discuss in detail why waxing is the most convenient way to get rid of unwanted hair on your body, so keep reading.

Removal of dead skin cells:

Waxing not only gets rid of unwanted hair on your body but also helps you get rid of dead skin cell.

When you wax it pulls off your dead skin cells and brings out a new layer of skin which is much healthier, smoother, and softer.


The results of waxing are much more long-lasting and effective than any other hair removal method.

Since with waxing hair are pulled out from the roots they are likely to grow back after a long time, on the other hand, shaving only cuts off the hair shaft and the hair grows back much faster.

Less Painful:

Threading and laser treatments are painful and can cause major stress while waxing, on the other hand, is less painful, and when done professionally does not hurt at all.

With regular waxing, the follicles of hair become so weak that you don’t even feel them getting pulled out of your skin. It is one of the reasons it is so widely popular.

Takes Less Time:

Waxing takes much less time than threading or laser treatment. These methods can take hours to get rid of your hair and can be most inconvenient and uncomfortable.

Image laying for hours to get your laser treatment done in a clinic or sitting to get your threading done. Waxing covers more ground and gets rid of hair in big patches from your body. Arms and leg waxing only takes approximately 10 minutes of your time.

Over Time Waxing Gets Rid of Hair Permanently:

With waxing the hair is pulled out from the roots, this makes the hair follicles weak, and hence, hair grow back much slower, over time these follicles get so damaged that they stop growing hair back. This method gets you rid of unwanted hair permanently.

Thinner Hair:

As discussed above, waxing pulls out hair from the follicles, so the hair starts to weaken and grow back much thinner.

They become very easy to pull which not only makes the whole waxing process quicker but also makes it painless.

Smoother Skin:

The removal of hair from their roots makes the skin very smooth, soft and gorgeous. Threading and shaving will not give you the same satisfaction, as threading is much slower and painful while shaving only cuts off the hair from the surface of skin which makes the hair grow much faster, so the final result is not as smooth as waxing.

No hyperpigmentation:

Waxing prevents hyperpigmentation on skin. For those of you who are unaware of hyperpigmentation, it is a skin condition that makes some areas of the skin darker than the rest of your body.

Shaving can cause appearance of these dark spots due to friction of razor on skin while this can be stopped with waxing.

No itching:

Shaving and Laser can cause major itching; however that is not the case with waxing.

The common problem areas legs, arms, armpits & pubic areas for women and men who shave but now with wax you can get rid of itching all together and enjoy a soft smooth skin.

No cuts or bruises

With waxing, you can now say bye-bye to all the cuts and bruises you may get from shaving and laser treatments. You do not have to fear about cutting yourself with a sharp razor or buring laser as waxing can save you from the harm.

Although the wax can be hot, the hair removal professionals are experts in handling it effectively. They make sure that it does not burn your skin at all.

Variety of Waxes Variety of Waxes

There are lots of different kinds and flavors of waxes available in the market. Now you can choose from endless types of good quality waxes that suit your skin and leave you looking radiant and beautiful.

There are fruit waxes, hot waxes, hard waxes, stripped waxes, scented waxes and waxes for sensitive, the options are endless. Make sure to visit a good salon that offers good quality waxing services.


Laser treatment can sure sound appealing and attractive way to go with, but its hefty on the pocket on the other hand waxing does not cost you an arm and a leg. It is the most affordable and convenient method that will give you long-lasting results.

Now that you have read all the benefits of waxing you should not try it on yourself if you are a first timer or are not an expert.

We advise that you visit Bella Shades of Beauty and get acquainted with the best waxing services from our hair removal expert and also get answers to whatever additional questions you may have about waxing.

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