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There are lots of things to contemplate when taking care of your skin, most important is to figure out your skin type. A thorough cleansing session should be scheduled at least once a  week with an expert to keep your skin from looking dull, but a daily skincare regimen should be followed for day-to-day cleansing. For those who have oily skin that’s prone to outbreaks of acne, you should be careful in selection of facial treatments and get an experts opinion. Let us list down a few reasons why getting regular facials from a professional is important.


The facials don’t have to be hefty in your pocket; even a normal facial can de-stresses you completely.  These days there are several facials that you can choose from according to your skin issue and requirement that are not very expensive. Not only they are a wonderful indulgence, but spa days offer a dizzying array of techniques and exotic ingredients that promise dramatic effects. There are many sorts of facials that are appropriate for your skin type and will leave you with a wonderful feeling.


Your skin is continuously protecting you, and It’s often difficult to understand exactly how we should be taking care of our skin, and with all these products available in the market it gets very difficult to know where to start. Every skin type differs, so facials ought to be customized depending on what’s happening with your skin at the time of your appointment.


Some women begin showing the signals of aging skin at a young age and facials done at least once per month, and by an expert beautician will slower the aging signs and help restore the lost collagen with the active ingredients.


Facials done by experts can be a pleasant and enjoyable experience as they are trained at using the right amount of pressure and relaxing massage techniques. The thorough massage will de-stress and relax your muscles, which can get so much harder if you are doing a facial at home. Finding the right kind of expert facial treatment can be a fantastic experience both as a means to relax and as a means to rejuvenate your skin.


Some facials utilize machines that use electric current to introduce water-soluble materials into the epidermis bringing back moisture and hydration to your face. Besides the standard facial therapy, there are several different types of specialized facials that provide more specific treatments.


Now that you have figured your skin type, the dilemma arises in choosing from different varieties of facials offered at many salons and spas. As facials have become common, an increasing number of facial techniques and products are launched in the market made for different purposes, and selecting the products you can no knowledge about can be time consuming and confusing. Even though it’s possible to do a number of the facials yourself at home, you might not get the same results as you would with an expert. Your facial and the products that you take home from an expert are made especially for your skin.


Botox therapy, as well as injectable fillers, has also become a part of skin treatments and cannot be done at home. Similarly microdermabrasion facials that are effective for wrinkle removal, among other skin treatments cannot get done without consultation of an expert. Once get these facial therapies done, only an expert can guide you how to look after your skin and how to maintain the health and effects of these facials. It is important to take in all the benefits you get from these facials; it’s your choice to follow your consultant’s advice to maintain your new-found radiant-looking skin.

If you’re going to have a spa facial not only you are going to get best services but also get a wide variety and ranges of treatments to choose.


There are a lot of different forms of not only the facials but the face masks and skincare products used after the facials too. These masks and products make sure that the radiant skin you get after the treatment lasts longer and is maintained. There are also different kinds of face packs and products that are applied after the facials for special cleansing and rejuvenating techniques. Only an expert can tell you which product you should use according to the kind of facial you get done.

There are various kinds of skin problems that can be solved with regular facials and products, but it’s wise not to experiment on yourself, and the experts handle it. We have the best skin and facial experts from whom you can not only get free consultation, but we have the most amazing pocket-friendly facials to choose from. So hurry and book your appointment today!

Home Tips To Achieving Glowing healthy Skin

Our skin at any age and at any weather needs the utmost care to prevent and cure any different skin problems although going for regular facials or cleans up is the right approach it can take a severe toll on your pocket and time. You can now try these easy tips at the comfort of your own home and enjoy a healthy, long-lasting glow on your skin.

Step 1: Cleanse

If you are someone who doesn’t want to go through tons of procedures and all the trouble but long for that healthy glowing skin then chose products that will give you the best results without having to make much effort. To begin your cleanse take a cotton pad soak it with your favorite makeup remover and wipe off all the makeup, dirt, or sweat from your face; this will wipe off all the impurities within the clogged pores of your skin, preventing forming any blackheads, acne or rashes.

Next, use a foaming or creamy cleanser that cleanses your face while hydrating your skin. Wet your face with water pour the cleanser on your palms and foam the cleanser. Distribute it evenly on your face using your fingertips with gentle circular motions and wash it off with Luke warm water.

Step 2: Steam

Heat or steam is known to be excellent for the skin as it helps open up the pores that make the whole cleansing process much more effective. You can either get a store-bought face steamer or just boil water in any utensil. Wait for the water to heat and then cover your head with the towel, so heat does not escape your face, place your face close enough to the steam so it can reach all parts of your face, but also be careful, so it doesn’t burn your face. Continue this for ten to fifteen minutes as this steam will help clean the pores from deep within. After steam takes a blackhead removing tool and scrapes off all the blackheads and whiteheads from your nose, forehead, chin, or wherever you might see them on your face. Make sure to use the tool immediately, or the pores will tighten if left to cool down. Now your look is squeaky clean and ready for next step.

Step 3: Exfoliation

The next step is exfoliation or scrubbing, which is a crucial step in keeping your skin healthy and bright. We recommend mixing half a cup of milk and 3 tablespoons of oatmeal and make a smooth paste, Apart from being excellent cleanser milk can also be great to exfoliation when mixed with oats, and it hydrates, soothes and lightens the skin at the same time. Lactic acid present in the milk removes dead skin cells, reduces wrinkles and also boosts collagen while oats have anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that heal moisturize and soothe the skin. Apply this paste evenly on all your face and massage in circular motions after fifteen minutes, rinse it off with Luke warm water.

Step 4: Mask

A simple homemade mask can transform your skin; after all, that’s what dreams are made of. Take 2 tablespoons of gram flour, a pinch of turmeric powder and 2 tablespoons of milk. Mix the ingredients to form a paste and apply it on your face, leave it on for 15 minutes and then wash it off. This will brighten up your skin as turmeric is perfect ingredient with this combination as it has anti-microbial and soothing properties that help remove blemishes, dark spots, and uneven skin tone, giving you younger-looking glowy skin.

Another mask that you can use is of honey and milk. Use honey on your skin as a mask as it has hydrating properties that also tighten up your skin and when mixed with milk it effectively moisturizes the skin all day long, making it feel fresh, alive, and healthy.

Step 5- Moisturize

Finish up your home clean up with a moisturizer that will hydrate your skin and lock in goodness of your clean up. Dot the moisturizer on your face, spread it evenly all over your face, and then gently tap your fingers along your forehead, cheek, chin, and the rest of your face. This will help you relax, prevent aging and wrinkles and you will wake up with clear and smoother skin the next day.

It is essential that you follow this routine every two weeks for clear looking, glowy and refreshing skin. It will not only save you time but also money so kick start your journey to beautiful and healthy skin

Everything you need to know about Foundations and How to Pick the Right Foundation Shade for your skin

Picking out the right kind of foundation shade has to be one of the biggest challenges in makeup, this is mostly because the skin across your face is different in coloring, but there are some tips which will guide you in picking up the perfect shade for your skin color. Before your quest begins you need to figure out which type of foundation is best for your skin type.

Types of Foundations:

There are typically 4 types of foundations available in the market:

· Liquid Foundation:

They are generally suitable for all skin kinds, whether it be dry, oily or combination skin type

· Cream Foundation:

Cream foundations are mostly somewhat similar to liquid foundations, but the texture of the creamy foundations is much heavier, so it is more suitable for people with dry to combination skin types. It is because it is more on the oily textured side; the formula is more oily and sticky.

· Stick Foundation:

Stick foundations are mostly used in professional makeup looks and are available from high to low ranges. Stick foundations are suitable for oily skin types and are not easy to blend, therefore should only be used by professionals or someone who has an idea about working with the stick foundation and can blend it properly. They are heavy coverage foundations that are more used for filming and photography purposes.

· Powder Foundation:

Powder foundations are more suitable for oily skin or as setting powder on top of your liquid or creamy foundations to set it in place.

Figure Out your Skin Undertone:

Another essential factor is to find your undertone, now this can be a little hard, but we will give you a few tips as to how you can find your correct undertone.

There are 3 categories of undertones:

  • Cool Tone
  • Warm Tone
  • Neutral Tone

So the first step in finding the right undertone of your skin type is to look at your veins on your wrists. If your veins are more greenish in color, then you are likely to have a warm undertone, mostly people with wheatish to brown complexion are warm undertone.

If your veins are on the blue-ish, purple side, chances are you have a cooler undertone. If you have combination of both green and blue colored veins, then you must have a more peach, neutral undertone.

Another trick to finding the undertone is if you can carry on golden jewelry more, then you are more likely to be warm undertone and if you standout more wearing silver jewelry that will make you a cooler undertoned person. If you are able to flaunt both and look good then you are a neutral undertoned person. So more your skin tone is on the lighter side you are cooler undertone.

How to Pick your Right Foundation Shade:

The first thing we would like you to do is stop testing your foundation shade on your wrist or the back of your hand to match for the right tone. Never swatch the foundation anywhere, but your face as the shade of your hand and face is always different. The best way to test the foundation is to swatch it on your jawline bringing it down to your neck. If the foundation disappears in your skin it’s a true match.

 If you can see the marks of foundation, it is either too light or dark for you and does not match your skin; the swatch actually should disappear in your skin for it to be the perfect shade for you.

Another great tip for testing your foundation is to take a picture of your face with flash on when you have tested out the foundation shades, and you will immediately find out which shade is the most appropriate for you. If you appear greyer, lighter, or darker in a flash it’s a no go.

We do realize that you cannot always visit a drugstore or cosmetics shop too purchase a foundation and try it on, and not many beauty companies will send you samples for testing. In that case we suggest that you study the names and numbers of the foundations very carefully, as it can guide you in the right direction. They are generally named from cooler tones to neutral and warm tones. Whichever undertones you have will go parallel with the foundation shade. This is how you can anticipate the closest shade of the foundation online that might go perfectly with your skin tone.

Never test your foundation under artificial shade, florescent or yellow light as you will never be able to figure out the right tone. The best way to test your foundation is out in the natural light as it works the best.

However, due to any reason you cannot find the right shade for your skin color you can always make your own custom shade by mixing two or three different foundations and create your perfect shade.

Hope this article was helpful in finding your right foundation. If you have any questions, please feel free to drop us a comment in the comments section below.

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daily Skincare tips


With thousands of different products available for skincare, it gets so confusing to keep up with the healthy habits that can help you improve your skin. Today we are bringing ten tips that will help you get healthy and radiant skin.

1-    Always wash your hands:

Well, the first and the most important habit you should adopt is washing your hands. Only after you wash your hands you should apply makeup or skincare products on your face. Washing your hands will decrease the chances of spreading bacteria from your hands to face and will keep your skin safe.

2-    Remove your Make-up before hitting the bed:

Never skip this step, if you don’t remove your makeup before sleeping it will transfer oil, dust, and bacteria into your skin.Your pores will get blocked, and it might also trigger breakouts.Always use an oil-based makeup remover to take off your makeup ad follow up with a nice cleanser to wash your face.This double cleansing method will get you a nice fresh and clean skin.

3-    Get your beauty regimen in check:

You need to have a strict beauty regimen in place, which means you need to have good beauty hygiene. Make sure only to use the products that suit your skin type and discard the products with harmful ingredients. Always make sure to use a good moisturizer to make sure your skin is always hydrated

4-    Wash your pillowcase regularly:

Did you know that when you sleep, the temperature of your body rises, and your skin heals itself?

Sounds amazing right but this mechanism of your skin trying to repair itself produces sweat and sheds dead skin cells which get transferred to your pillow. If you keep using the same pillowcase daily, the chances are you will get those dirty germs back on to your face so make sure you are regularly washing your pillowcase.

5-    Wash your makeup Sponges and brushes:

Your makeup sponges and brushes should be washed regularly. If you don’t wash your brushes long enough, they will turn into a breeding ground for dirt and bacteria. Every time you will apply your makeup you are also transferring dirt, oil, and germs back onto your skin so make sure to wash your makeup brushes at least once a week and keep them covered. Rinse your sponge every time before using it.

6-    Use Sunblock:

A secret to younger-looking and radiant skin is “Sunblock.” The dangerous rays from the sun are the rootcasue of all skin damge; we can not emphasis enough about the harmful effects of sun and UV rays on your skin. Half skin problems are caused due to sun exposure, and the only thing that can prevent and slow the damage is by using SPF daily. No matter what age you are SPF daily is the most important thing for your skin. Using an SPF 40+ is the most suitable and will help you immensely in getting naturally radiant skin.

7-    Exfoliate Regularly:

Exfoliate twice a week and make sure you religiously stick to it as it will remove all the dead skin cells from your skin and clear out your pores. You should try out the exfoliators that agree with your skin type and do not strip your skin of essential oils. Exfoliation will clear out your skin and make it soft and smooth.

8-    Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate:

Yes, we know you must have heard this a million times before but a secret to healthy skin is hydration. Water makes up 60% of the human body and is the most important thing for your skin. Not only it flushes out all toxins from your body, it also helps get a clearer and shinier skin. You should drink at least 2 liters of water every day to stay completely hydrated.

9-    Get 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night:

As we mentioned above,  your skin repairs and regenerates itself naturally while you are asleep so for your skin to do that it is important that you get a good nights sleep every day no less than 7-8 hours of continuous sleep.

10-     A Healthy Balanced Diet:

Have you heard the phrase, “You are what you eat”?  It is absolutely true, whatever you eat ultimately affects your body and skin directly. A healthy diet with lots of green vegetables, fruits and juices will get you a much nicer skin. Make sure to keep your diet balanced and limit the intake of junk food.

 All these tips will guarantee to give you much better and nicer skin. Be consistent and patient with your routine as nothing happens overnight. Introduce regular facials and body massages into your lifestyle to help you relax and get fresh and clean skin.

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Night-time Skincare Regimen

Did you know you could have beautiful skin while you are sleep? Yes, the expert opinion is that as you sleep at night your skin naturally heals itself so your nighttime skincare should be a priority.

The skincare products will make the natural repairing process much faster and effective. Here is the best way to set your nighttime regimen in order:


We are listing the sequence of skincare products that are essential a good night time regimen for healthy skin:


It is utmost important that you start your skincare routine with the removal of your makeup, dirt, or oil that may have gotten on your skin due to pollution and dust in the day.

We advise you use a good oil-based make-up remover as it is the most effective. The oil helps dissolve all your makeup and get rid of dirt on your skin without stripping your face of natural oils and making it dry.

Then use good cleansing foam or your regular cleanser to wash your face to get rid of any remaining makeup residue, sebum or dirt. This step is significant and should not be missed. It plays an important part in prepping your skin for the next step of this routine.


After washing, your face is now fresh and clean and ready for the next step. You should now apply a toner that suits your skin type. The toner balances the PH level of your skin, tightens your pores, and makes your skin more fresh and younger-looking.

 You can also add serums and skincare boosters with active ingredients into your night-time regimen. The active ingredients in these products help restore moisture in your skin and keep it hydrated.

If you are using more than one product, always follow the rule of applying these from thinnest to thickest.


Those tiny wrinkles that form on the corner of your eyes and dark circles do make you look old and drag down your confidence.

To avoid that it is crucial to start using good eye cream daily, the eye cream reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes, protects the delicate area around the eye and keeps it hydrated.


If you have problematic skin and use dermatologist prescribed topical skin treatment creams or serums, this step is where you put them on your skin and let them absorb.

The prescription creams like retinols and antiaging infused with active ingredients have a better chance of working if used at night. The natural rejuvenating process of skin along with infusion of these active ingredients sure speeds up the healing process and leaves your skin looking flawless and supple.


­­­­­­­­­If you have dry skin you should introduce your skin to hydrating masks/gels or beauty oils.

These will make sure that the prescribed creams do not dry out your skin and make it look flaky in the morning. These are mild and a great way to give your skin an extra boost of hydration.  


­­­­­­­­­­The very last step is to use a night cream. The night cream is a little heavier and thicker than your day time moisturizer as it is designed to get absorbed in your skin throughout the night.

The nightcream creates a protective barrier on your face, does not let the moisture leave your skin, and maintains the water content, which is crucial for healing and rejuvenation.

Aftering following all these steps you are now ready for bed and can catch up on your beauty sleep while your skin repairs itself. To get healthy and model-like skin only using these products won’t be enough, you also need to consume a balanced diet, drink plenty of water and get regular facials.

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daily Skincare tips

Beginners Guide to Day-Time Skincare Routine

It is has become essential not just to wear trendy outfits and lots of makeup to look pretty these days but also your skin has to look flawless! With the abundance of products available for skincare in the market these days and many beauty gurus sharing their skincare routines, it can get quite intimidating and overwhelming. It’s hard to find the correct products for yourself let alone figure out which sequence or skincare routine to follow. We will try to ease that problem for you and list below a beginner’s guide to skincare to give you a basic understanding of a good skincare routine that works for everyone.

Why the sequence of your products matter?

The application order of skincare products is extremely important. Naturally, the skin is designed to keep everything out of your body but for your skincare products they must get absorbed in the skin to work their magic. This can only happen when these products are applied perfectly and in the correct order.

Step by Step Daytime Skincare Routine

Day time means being exposed to UV rays from sun, dirt, and pollution so it is best to follow a skincare routine to protect your skin from the harmful elements.


After you wake up in the morning, the first step you need to follow is by thoroughly washing your face with cold water. Then use a mild foam or creamy cleanser whichever suits your skin type, be cautious of using a harsh cleanser as it will strip your skin of natural oils and will make your face dry and dull.


This step may not be a necessity to everyone but it sure has its benefits, toning your face can serve a variety of different purposes. They balance out your skin’s PH level after using the cleanser. Face toners can provide vitamin derivatives and antioxidants to your skin and help improve the texture of the skin. Each type of toner serves a different purpose so be sure to select a toner that is designed for your needs.


Skincare concentrated serums are a nutrient-dense treatment that is specially formulated to address specific skin concerns. To add a suitable serum into your daytime regimen you first need to figure out what purpose you want to achieve with it. There are several types of beauty serums available for day and night time use which are not only beneficial for your skin but also help in neutralizing any damage. Apply the serum evenly on your face and let it penetrate your skin to be able to work.


One might think eye cream is only applied at night time but according to the dermatologists, it is vital to keep up the health of your eyelids during the day time as well. You need to keep the skin of your eyes and areas around it hydrated so it does not lose its laxity or experience loss of collagen. Applying a good eye cream will fight against the fine lines, dryness and the aging process around the eyes. It is best to include an eye cream with SPF during the daytime to further protect the delicate skin of your eyelids.


This step might not just be for everyone if you have a nice clean spot-free skin, you are lucky enough to skip this step and should jump right on to the next step in this skincare routine. Spot treatment creams can help kill bacteria from spreading from infected parts of your skin with spots to the clean parts and help reduce the appearance of spots with time. However, keep in mind most spot creams have benzoyl peroxide that is effective but can dry out your skin so only apply on the spots for the desired result.


Everyone, yes you read that right even the people with oily skin type need a good moisturizer in their skin regimen. Your skin must get the proper hydration it needs to stay healthy and keep the sun, dirt and harsh chemicals at a bay. The best way to get most out of your moisturizer is to apply it on the skin while it is still bit damp so it can easily penetrate in your skin and lock in the essential hydration your face needs. Never skip this step!


This might just the most essential steps in your routine so never become too lazy to apply a sunscreen with a good amount of SPF on your face and neck to prevent the damage from the sun. The sunscreen provides an effective barrier between your skin and the harmful UVA and UVB rays that are constantly trying to damage your skin.

Sunscreen should be the last and the most important step in your daytime skincare routine, it will not just protect your skin but with consistency and time, it will prevent your face from aging and forming any aging lines. Make sure to cover every inch of your face and neck evenly before applying it to your hands and any other exposed skin parts you might have for best results.

You must wait a few minutes in between all the above-mentioned steps as all it takes time for your skin to absorb all the active ingredients from the products. Be sure to consult a professional before adding any skincare products directly in your routine as every skin type is different and not every skincare product will suit you.

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