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Massages are excellent for treating a number of physical as well as mental problems. They are incredibly useful and have a number of health benefits and stress releasing properties that make you feel refreshed and active.

Before choosing your desired massage treatment, you need to figure out what purpose or condition you are getting the massage done for as there are different kinds of massages available done with different techniques to achieve the desired effect. It is hard to figure out how a sports massage differs from a deep tissue massage or Thai massage. If you are having trouble picking out the right kind of massage for you, keep reading.

Everybody is always busy and rarely find time for themselves. This routine ultimately takes a toll not just on your own bodies but in your own thoughts too. This is why it is essential that you liberate yourself from the anxiety and stress and go to get one of these relaxing massages, which will make you feel like you have reached heaven.

Ø  Swedish Massage

The most common kind of massage is Swedish massage therapy. It involves western-style kneading technique that is used to relax the tense muscles. It is the easiest and painless gentlest massage to get. The methods used in the Swedish massage are the most useful for warming the muscle tissues to loosen any stress or muscle knots.

Ø  Hot Stone Massage

The hot stone massage is deemed great for curing the damaged tissues within the body. In this massage, the therapist puts smooth and warm stones on assorted parts of the body that helps in relaxing your muscles. These volcanic rocks, when rubbed on your body releases all the tension and make your  muscles work efficiently.

The heated stone massage is believed best for getting the focus back. Additionally, the warmth of the stones reach the inner layer of your skin and enables to release stress.This massage showcases real calming qualities, and it is much more refreshing than other conventional massages.

Ø  Upper Body Massage

Upper Body Massage

Another great massage that will instantly relieve you of your stress and anxiety is getting a chair massage or upper body massage, which involves rubbing and kneading of your neck, face and shoulder muscles only. You don’t have to be nude for a chair massage, and there is no oil involved, so you don’t have to worry about getting stains on your clothes o taking a bath afterward. You can get it done in short amount of time, and it will get rid of all the tension from your upper body.

Ø  Thai Massage

Thai Massage

Thai massage is based on releasing the stress and anxiety of muscles using the ancient ten lines of energy called “sen.” The technique used in this massage involves stroking and kneading of muscles and manipulation of joints that help get rid of pain and increases your blood circulation.

Ø  Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is vigorous and feels a bit harsh on your body due to the pressure on your knotted muscles; it is the most effective massage to get rid of pain and muscle knots.It helps improve blood circulation and strengthen your immune system, all the while relaxing your muscles.

There are a variety of other massages apart from the above-mentioned treatments however these are the most common and most effective massages that will help you get rid of your stress and instantly soothe your body. The techniques used by the experts require special training and skillset that get beneficial results, so you should refrain from practicing them on your own as you might do more damage than good. It is essential that you only get these massages done by an expert.

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No two people look the same. Similarly, no two eye shapes are the same; once you have established exactly what your eye shape is, you will know what technique to use to achieve the look that’s best for you.

Some of the more commonly known eye shapes include Hooded, Close-set eyes, Wide-set eyes, round eyes, and the list goes on.  There are times when you can even have a combination of two or three types of these eye shapes, so it is essential you know what technique to adapt to achieve your look.

To start with the makeup, you need to understand the eye shape in-depth; there are 3 parts of your eye that define your eye shape those are lid, crease and brow bone.

Lid or mobile lid, as the experts call it is the area where you apply the eye shadow, this part of your skin or eye area when you blink moves and gets visible.

When your eyes are open, you see a slight crease above the lid that is the crease area.

Above the crease area and below your eyebrows, you have a slightly bony structure. This is your brow bone.

It is important that you know where all of these three parts are placed so you can do your eye makeup accordingly.


As the name suggests does not have a visible crease area, and that’s the reason why you feel like there is just one lid. There is no difference between the crease and the lid. It is essential that for a monolid eye you create an illusion of a crease using a darker matte brown eye shadow. You draw in a crease and create that illusion first and then continue with the eye shadow makeup application.


In case of the hooded eyes the skin on top of your brow bone starts dropping down, and it covers your entire lid. So in case of a hooded eye, you make sure that your eye shadow application is higher than the crease area; that way, when your eyes are open and the min you blink, the eye shadow shows up on your eyes.


The technique that you use for the wide-set eyes is an absolute no no for a close set eye. For wide-set eyes, you always use a slightly darker color on the inside corner of your eye; you can even smoke out or draw in your Kohl towards the inside edge of your eyes. This will further close the eyes and will bring the eyes closer to each other.


In case of the close-set eyes, as the name suggests, it is already too close to the bridge of your nose, so you need to take it away. You create the illusion by applying a highlighter or a lighter color along the inside corner of the eyes.


Round eyes are a bit more round in shape; in such a case you need to create an illusion of an almond shape by bringing out your eyeliner and applying your eye shadows in using to contour your eyes. In case of the round eyes, remember not to tight line your eyes too much, and in case you do bring out your eyeliner because tight lining your lower and upper lash line can further emphasize your round shape.


Protruding eyes are opposite of deep-set eyes; in case of protruding eye set, make sure to never apply a highlighter or a shimmer based product right on your lid. Doing so it will catch more light and make your eyes appear more protruding


As you can tell by the name, the eyes are placed more profound into the socket. It is important that for an eye shape like this, you use lighter colors on the eyelids and avoid heavy or dark shades as it will make your eye look deeper.


Downturned or droopy eyes, the skin of the outside corner droops down, or your brow bones are shaped such that your eyes look droopy. What is essential in the case of droopy eyes is that you give the lift to the eye from the corners and create an illusion of lifting eye with the eye shadow.


An upturned eye is opposite of droopy eye; in this case, the outside corner of the eye is lifted. In this case you need to make sure that you don’t wing out your eyeliner too much because it will pull out your eye even more.

Hope this article was useful and helpful in making you differentiate between various eye shapes and how to manipulate them using eye makeup.

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5 Must-Have Beauty Products to Get Flawless Makeup Look Every Time

There is no secret that every expert has their own hacks when it comes to creating their flawless makeup looks, and no one tells you about these secrets. It can be so hard to choose and figure out the right kinds of products as the companies are launching new products every single day. So keeping your struggles into consideration today we are going to let you in some of our secrets. At Bella Shades of beauty we have highly trained professionals, and qualified makeup experts that are sharing their must-have beauty products that they use in creating gorgeous makeup looks for different occasions, these products are used in every look throughout the time consistently.

1.   Setting Powder:

No makeup look is ever complete without applying a setting powder. Setting powder helps locks in the foundation and concealer, fill in the pores, and also absorb the excess oil from your skin. For more conventional, glowy makeup looks, you can use the loose setting powder over your T- zone, however for longer hours, you should also set your concealer under the eyes, and the whole face with a setting powder.

Setting powder is also removes the undesirable glow in photography and videography and makes you look flawless in all images. The very famous baking technique used by all the famous MUAs and influencers is also achieved by using the setting powder.

We recommend Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder as it is super-blendable and does not make you look cakey.

2. Beauty Blender

You can apply your foundation without having this heaven-sent beauty product called Beauty blender. It is an egg-shaped sponge that puffs up when you wet it before using your foundation with it on your face. It is multitasking product that works with every skin type and every makeup look. Whether you are aiming for dewy skin, matte, or full coverage, beauty blender will not let you down.  Make sure to take care of it as it can harbor bacteria that can cause spots and other problems. Wash the beauty blender after every use, dry it in the sun, and store in a closed container.

3. Concealer

You can complete any makeup look without a good concealer. It is used widely to hide your dark circles and spots, but the experts also use the concealer to soften, sculpt or highlight certain areas of your areas to accentuate your bright features. The only issue one might face is that there are tens of thousands of formulations, finishes, and also colors offered, so it’s hard to figure out the right kind of concealer for you. The absolute factor is selecting your color; the general rule of makeup is to get a shade lighter than your foundation. To get more natural coverage you can also mix your concealer with foundation and achieve the perfect air-brush effect on your skin.

Tip: Always begin applying concealer under the eye, then blend it up towards the tail of your eyebrow; this will give the illusion of lifted eyes all the while moisturizing your eyes. Do not forget to blend it properly, so it melts into your base. Our experts recommend always using a damp beauty blender for a flawless application of your concealer.

4. Lip-liner

The perfect lip liner to get your ideal pout is also a must-have in your beauty bag. You cannot miss the lip-liner in any makeup look, not only the lip liner contours and add definition your lips but also acts as a base for your lipstick and stops it from bleeding. You can shape your lips however you want and make them look more appealing.

It is recommended that you use a nude lip liner for light skin tones, and for brownish skin, you should apply a color deeper than your skin tone to add depth and dimension to your lips.

5. Eyelash curler

An excellent lash curler is the most essential for achieving long, sexy curled eyelashes. A good curler immediately lifts and curls your lashes and create a dramatic change to you your whole makeup look. Lash curlers and lashes are a match made in heaven, and one should not exist without the other.

Though lash curlers may possibly look a bit scary, they are surprisingly user-friendly. Simply put your lashes between the lash curlers, then lightly press on the top and bottom framework together. Hold for 10 seconds and walla you have gorgeous curled lashes!

facial expert


There are lots of things to contemplate when taking care of your skin, most important is to figure out your skin type. A thorough cleansing session should be scheduled at least once a  week with an expert to keep your skin from looking dull, but a daily skincare regimen should be followed for day-to-day cleansing. For those who have oily skin that’s prone to outbreaks of acne, you should be careful in selection of facial treatments and get an experts opinion. Let us list down a few reasons why getting regular facials from a professional is important.


The facials don’t have to be hefty in your pocket; even a normal facial can de-stresses you completely.  These days there are several facials that you can choose from according to your skin issue and requirement that are not very expensive. Not only they are a wonderful indulgence, but spa days offer a dizzying array of techniques and exotic ingredients that promise dramatic effects. There are many sorts of facials that are appropriate for your skin type and will leave you with a wonderful feeling.


Your skin is continuously protecting you, and It’s often difficult to understand exactly how we should be taking care of our skin, and with all these products available in the market it gets very difficult to know where to start. Every skin type differs, so facials ought to be customized depending on what’s happening with your skin at the time of your appointment.


Some women begin showing the signals of aging skin at a young age and facials done at least once per month, and by an expert beautician will slower the aging signs and help restore the lost collagen with the active ingredients.


Facials done by experts can be a pleasant and enjoyable experience as they are trained at using the right amount of pressure and relaxing massage techniques. The thorough massage will de-stress and relax your muscles, which can get so much harder if you are doing a facial at home. Finding the right kind of expert facial treatment can be a fantastic experience both as a means to relax and as a means to rejuvenate your skin.


Some facials utilize machines that use electric current to introduce water-soluble materials into the epidermis bringing back moisture and hydration to your face. Besides the standard facial therapy, there are several different types of specialized facials that provide more specific treatments.


Now that you have figured your skin type, the dilemma arises in choosing from different varieties of facials offered at many salons and spas. As facials have become common, an increasing number of facial techniques and products are launched in the market made for different purposes, and selecting the products you can no knowledge about can be time consuming and confusing. Even though it’s possible to do a number of the facials yourself at home, you might not get the same results as you would with an expert. Your facial and the products that you take home from an expert are made especially for your skin.


Botox therapy, as well as injectable fillers, has also become a part of skin treatments and cannot be done at home. Similarly microdermabrasion facials that are effective for wrinkle removal, among other skin treatments cannot get done without consultation of an expert. Once get these facial therapies done, only an expert can guide you how to look after your skin and how to maintain the health and effects of these facials. It is important to take in all the benefits you get from these facials; it’s your choice to follow your consultant’s advice to maintain your new-found radiant-looking skin.

If you’re going to have a spa facial not only you are going to get best services but also get a wide variety and ranges of treatments to choose.


There are a lot of different forms of not only the facials but the face masks and skincare products used after the facials too. These masks and products make sure that the radiant skin you get after the treatment lasts longer and is maintained. There are also different kinds of face packs and products that are applied after the facials for special cleansing and rejuvenating techniques. Only an expert can tell you which product you should use according to the kind of facial you get done.

There are various kinds of skin problems that can be solved with regular facials and products, but it’s wise not to experiment on yourself, and the experts handle it. We have the best skin and facial experts from whom you can not only get free consultation, but we have the most amazing pocket-friendly facials to choose from. So hurry and book your appointment today!

Top 5 Bridal Makeup Tips

Just make sure to be knowledgeable about the sort of makeup you want to apply on your big day. Be certain to consider all the elements that may impact your makeup, including the climate, attire, and your hairstyle, and not to forget your gorgeous jewelry. So, you’ll need to apply your makeup focusing mainly on producing the illusion of length. You want to do your comprehensive research as there are many options available for bridal makeup! But if you are to select your very own bridal makeup, you ought to at least invest in some decent ones.


The key to long-lasting makeup is in the prepping of your skin, instead of the top makeup application. Take a look at the makeup after it’s complete and assess whether it’s suitable for you or not. On your wedding day, the last thing you likely to want to be concerned about is smearing and smudging makeup, that’s why you ought to look at getting the best primer out there!

When you are doing bridal makeup, you always need to ensure your makeup will remain fresh and clean all day. Whether you want to go with the absolute popular classical makeup or a nude makeup look or match your makeup depending on your wedding theme the primer will keep your makeup in place and make it look fresh throughout the day. So don’t forget to put your money into a good high-quality primer if you wish to get a sweat-proof look that lasts.


If you are employing a makeup artist, make certain to explain what you need clearly. In case the makeup artist is new, then it’s always recommended to have a trial session before your wedding day. A fantastic makeup artist won’t come cheap, but there are plenty of things that will determine the last price of your wedding makeup, and you may not know about them.

Brides ought to be beautiful and fresh on her large, special moment. Especially, they need to give special attention to their makeup. It’s quite crucial to know how the bride would look like during the full ceremony and in her photos. Every bride wants to appear good in her special moment. With a lot of bridal makeup tutorials in the online today, an increasing number of brides are contemplating doing their makeup.

One to two weeks ahead of your wedding is ideal. Your wedding is the best excuse for some excess pampering. After all, weddings are about the bride.


Once you have picked the makeup look you would like to do on your special day now you can worry about how to make it last all day. The secret to creating your makeup last all day is by using a great setting spray.


Give the job to your bridesmaid or your sister or friend to keep a little extra makeup on hand for virtually any touch-ups you might need throughout the day. So when the wedding day arrives, you ought not to worry about anything but look flawless and enjoy your day.


Always get a consultation from a reliable place where you will always find fantastic ideas, techniques, and all the recent trends for hair and makeup! Find the best place that can cater to the need of not only the bridal makeup but for makeup for bridesmaids too. Aimlessly buying products will cause anything. Take a professional opinion of what products and colors will suit you and which items you require. We think that it’s imperative that you select the most suitable products to go into your bridal makeup kit list.

We hope these tips were helpful for you in deciding on your makeup on the big day. We at Bella Shades of Beauty provide the most amazing bridal hair and make-up services along with free consultation from our experts. Check out our amazing bridal packages and book your appointment today.

How to remove your acrylic nails at home in 5 easy steps

Getting acrylics nails has become as common as getting your eyebrows done these days. They not only look gorgeous but look great on special occasions, especially for people who cannot grow their natural nails and maintain them. It helps that acrylic nails are rather low maintenance and last for quite a long time if you take proper care of them, but on the downside, it is frustrating to take them off as they are glued to your natural nails. It can get a bit difficult for you to take out time and visit a salon to get them off, so today, we are going to list down five easy steps that you can easily follow and take off your acrylics without any hassle. Here we go

Step 1:

The very first step you need to follow is to remove any gems or jewels you might have put on your nails with the help of a nail nipper. You need to be very careful while doing this as nail nippers are sharp, and you might hurt your cuticles or fingers.

Step 2:

After you have removed all the nail accessories from your acrylic nails, now is the time to cut that excess length of the nail extension by using a nail cutter so that you can easily remove the nail that is left on top of your original nails.

Step 3:

The next step you need to follow is to rough off the surface of gel nail polish applied on your acrylics by using a rough side of a nail buffer, this will thin out the layered up gel nail polish and will help out remove the fake nails quite easily.

Step 4:

Next you need to grab a bottle of 100% acetone into a small bowl or container so you can soak your nails in it, then place your nails into this solution for 5 minutes, take your nails out and push your acrylic off from your cuticles to the tip of your nails with the help of a metal nail pusher.

Repeat the above step as long as you get all the acrylic nails off from your natural nails, but be careful while pushing off the acrylics as you might damage your real nails.

Step 5:

 Once all your acrylic nails completely come off, use the buffer softly on your nails to remove any little traces of acrylic left on your nails and file the edges of your natural nails.

Acetone will dry out your natural nails to restore moisture apply cuticle oil all over your nail beds, and rub it in with the help of soft side of the nail buffer. Now rub some oil on your cuticles as well for hydration and massage it in. It is very important to moisturize your skin and nails after you use acetone as it will immensely drying.

acrylic nail at home

Hope this article helps you out with taking off your acrylics at home and save you a few bucks. However, do not try it if you think you will hurt yourself or damage your nails; instead, visit a salon and get your nails off from an expert and avoid long term damage to your nails and fingers.

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Eye Makeup Tips That the Experts Don’t Want You to Know

Wearing eye makeup has become a style statement these days for each woman. Whether it be everyday or special occasion it is an absolute must that you get your look perfect down to every detail. Long gone have those days when you could get away with wearing a single eye shadow but a gorgeous eye makeup can’t be accomplished with a single shade. Your eye shadow ought to be blended and it needs to really stick out. Let us list down some eye makeup tips and ideas that only professionals know that will help you achieve a flawless look.

The Battle over Eye Makeup Ideas and How to Win It

You do not have to think about what eye makeup you’re wearing on the next night out as with practice and time you will master the battle over makeup. Eye makeup is an excellent way to manipulate your features to create your eyes appear more beautiful.

Bridal Eye makeup is about the search to observe the elegance and elements of the eyes. The eye makeup isn’t too easy, but looks extremely glamorous. Cut crease eye makeup however demands precision and skills of an expert.

Know your Eyeliner

Deciding on the proper color of the eye shadow is dependent on what it is you’re wearing that day, your mood and the event you’re likely to. If you’ve never used liquid eyeliner, now is an excellent time to attempt it. Following that, be sure you’ve got easy-to-apply eyeliner. Then thick winged eyeliner is used. If you set even just a little glittery eyeliner on eyes you will acquire glamorous and more festive look extremely fast.

Get your Base Down

Mineral makeup is the upcoming obvious choice for a healthy base in makeup world. Base Makeup is something which would stay the exact same, doesn’t matter what your skin color or the color of dress is, it will provide a foundation to top your makeup on. To tell you the truth, there isn’t any great makeup without a good base/ primer.

Don’t be afraid to experiment

When attempting to discover the best shadows for your eyes, the best way to find out is to experiment. More makeup ideas are discovered by trying out different eye makeup looks. There are ideas for each occasion and every type of makeup tutorials on internet, so get your creativity flowing. Try out some of our eye makeup suggestions, these ideas are definitely cute, stunning and will give you the most attractive look.

Know your combinations

It’s possible for you to add a tiny brown to it to make the entire look even. By teaming black and white eyeliners, you will make a day-to-evening look that will appear amazing through the day. Also, it’s a remarkable style for chilling in sunlight. Simple brown look will definitely bring out each one of the blueness in your eyes. Sometimes you only need a very simple and fast makeup look to appear awake

and well rested. There’s makeup look for each and every occasion. You will without a doubt look glamorous with this kind of a high-end makeup look.

Go matte and find out how it effectively makes your eyes appear more dramatic. Additionally, someone will appear more attractive and stunning because eyes are the absolute most lovable portion of the human body. Rose gold glitter eyes appear stunning.

Blending is the key

When you are working to make your eyes appear much larger, make sure there are no thick and harsh lines and instead, make sure you do some smaller, thin lines with less product and blend it. Blue eyes aren’t very typical but still there are lots of girls that are blessed with gorgeous skills and can flaunt any color with the power of blending. These bold and vibrant colors are so fun to play with, and blending them properly can create looks with bright colors and it wouldn’t go wrong.

Go Bold

Let’s say you’ve got blue eyes, then you need to go for dark blue mascara as opposed to the normal black since it will highlight your eye color stunningly. If you’ve got bright blue eyes, neutral tones appear stunning. The simplest way to apply the green eye shadow is by making use of a pencil brush and staying minimal but bold. Don’t restrict yourself to only neutral colors, bold colors are equally appealing, beautiful and also give you a sexy edge.  

Take a peek at your eyes and make certain everything is blended. For a sexy, elegant appearance, Smokey eyes will never disappoint you. For more tips, keep updated with our blog and social media pages.

Let our experts give a profession opinion on which eye makeup will suit your eye shape, complexion and eye color, book your appointment today and enjoy exclusive discount for the month. You don’t always need to have dramatic eyes to appear sexy. Brown eyes seem good with nearly any eye shadow color. Brown eyes and gold eye shadow are an ideal complement.

Common Waxing Mistakes to Avoid

Waxing is one of the most reliable and oldest hair removal method preferred by so many people to get rid of unwanted hair. A good wax will last so much longer and keep your skin looking so much neater and softer, but with so many options available, there are some common mistakes that we all make that we can easily avoid.  These mistakes cannot only increase pain while getting a wax but also lead to many skin related problems.

Here are some common mistakes that you should avoid at all costs.

1.   Waxing short hair

The most common mistake that we often see happening is that girls won’t wait till their hair is completely to grown enough to wax. This usually results in uneven growth of hair as the grip on shorter hair it gets so much more difficult with wax, and they don’t get pulled out.

It is much better if the length of your hair is at least 6mm in length, or at a good two and half week’s growth from your last.

2. Waxing in the wrong direction

Always remember to pull off the waxing strip in the opposite direction of hair growth, but sometimes while trying waxing at home, people tend to forget this important rule and end up damaging their skin as well as just hurting themselves.

It is better to pull the waxing strip in one quick, swift motion in the opposite direction for your hair growth on your skin. You will see much better results if you remove the strip quicker, and you will feel much less pain this way.

3. Not using a Powder

Your skin produces a natural oil that creates a barrier between the wax and your skin and it gets much harder for the wax to stick to your skin and hair. If you have just taken a shower or clean your skin before waxing, apply talcum/baby powder to the areas you need to wax. The powder will soak up the oil and help the hair stick to the wax easily.

4. Not Exfoliating

One of the main problems that people face is the ingrown hair, but what they don’t realize is that it can be avoided so easily with regular exfoliation. While showering or generally of you properly exfoliate and moisturize your skin, it will allow the hair to grow much neatly and properly. You should also use an after wax oil or lotion after waxing to keep your skin moisturized.

5. Wax Aftercare

After you have waxed your body, you should be careful about how you treat it. You should not take a hot bath, or the hot temperature of the water on the skin might cause a reaction. It is also not advised to swim or go out in the direct sunlight, as these will irritate your open hair follicles. Furthermore you should avoid waxed areas from using perfumes, body sprays, or makeup as the open pores after wax can get itchy, or you might get a skin reaction. Wearing tight clothes should also be avoided soon afterward as it will cause perspiration and the bacteria will instantly start growing. All these precautions should be taken seriously for at least 24 hours after a waxing session.

6. Not waxing regularly

Waxing allows the hair to grow as it’s naturally intended with a soft end, which doesn’t cut in the skin. It is far better continue to keep your hair waxing in the exact growth cycle for a smooth, hair-free result that will give you long-lasting results. Regular waxing makes the waxing less painful and gradually stops from hair from growing at all.

We hope now that you have read this article you will avoid making above mentioned mistakes and get a gorgeous, smoother waxing experience. Bella Shades of beauty provides the best waxing services for our esteemed clients that not only last for weeks but we will also solve your wax related problems and issues effectively. Contact us today and get a free consultation from our expert.

Home Tips To Achieving Glowing healthy Skin

Our skin at any age and at any weather needs the utmost care to prevent and cure any different skin problems although going for regular facials or cleans up is the right approach it can take a severe toll on your pocket and time. You can now try these easy tips at the comfort of your own home and enjoy a healthy, long-lasting glow on your skin.

Step 1: Cleanse

If you are someone who doesn’t want to go through tons of procedures and all the trouble but long for that healthy glowing skin then chose products that will give you the best results without having to make much effort. To begin your cleanse take a cotton pad soak it with your favorite makeup remover and wipe off all the makeup, dirt, or sweat from your face; this will wipe off all the impurities within the clogged pores of your skin, preventing forming any blackheads, acne or rashes.

Next, use a foaming or creamy cleanser that cleanses your face while hydrating your skin. Wet your face with water pour the cleanser on your palms and foam the cleanser. Distribute it evenly on your face using your fingertips with gentle circular motions and wash it off with Luke warm water.

Step 2: Steam

Heat or steam is known to be excellent for the skin as it helps open up the pores that make the whole cleansing process much more effective. You can either get a store-bought face steamer or just boil water in any utensil. Wait for the water to heat and then cover your head with the towel, so heat does not escape your face, place your face close enough to the steam so it can reach all parts of your face, but also be careful, so it doesn’t burn your face. Continue this for ten to fifteen minutes as this steam will help clean the pores from deep within. After steam takes a blackhead removing tool and scrapes off all the blackheads and whiteheads from your nose, forehead, chin, or wherever you might see them on your face. Make sure to use the tool immediately, or the pores will tighten if left to cool down. Now your look is squeaky clean and ready for next step.

Step 3: Exfoliation

The next step is exfoliation or scrubbing, which is a crucial step in keeping your skin healthy and bright. We recommend mixing half a cup of milk and 3 tablespoons of oatmeal and make a smooth paste, Apart from being excellent cleanser milk can also be great to exfoliation when mixed with oats, and it hydrates, soothes and lightens the skin at the same time. Lactic acid present in the milk removes dead skin cells, reduces wrinkles and also boosts collagen while oats have anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that heal moisturize and soothe the skin. Apply this paste evenly on all your face and massage in circular motions after fifteen minutes, rinse it off with Luke warm water.

Step 4: Mask

A simple homemade mask can transform your skin; after all, that’s what dreams are made of. Take 2 tablespoons of gram flour, a pinch of turmeric powder and 2 tablespoons of milk. Mix the ingredients to form a paste and apply it on your face, leave it on for 15 minutes and then wash it off. This will brighten up your skin as turmeric is perfect ingredient with this combination as it has anti-microbial and soothing properties that help remove blemishes, dark spots, and uneven skin tone, giving you younger-looking glowy skin.

Another mask that you can use is of honey and milk. Use honey on your skin as a mask as it has hydrating properties that also tighten up your skin and when mixed with milk it effectively moisturizes the skin all day long, making it feel fresh, alive, and healthy.

Step 5- Moisturize

Finish up your home clean up with a moisturizer that will hydrate your skin and lock in goodness of your clean up. Dot the moisturizer on your face, spread it evenly all over your face, and then gently tap your fingers along your forehead, cheek, chin, and the rest of your face. This will help you relax, prevent aging and wrinkles and you will wake up with clear and smoother skin the next day.

It is essential that you follow this routine every two weeks for clear looking, glowy and refreshing skin. It will not only save you time but also money so kick start your journey to beautiful and healthy skin


Have you heard about contouring? Well if you haven’t you must be living under a rock. Let us explain to you what contouring is and how it can help you in manipulating your features to make them look more appealing and flattering. Or if you do know what contouring is but haven’t quite mastered it yet, stay tuned as we will be share our expert tips and tricks.

The first step is to always moisturize your face and then apply your corrector and foundation on top. Make sure to use a damp beauty blender for a flawlessly blended application. After that conceal and high light your face using a concealer one or two shades lighter than your foundation shade.


Highlight your T-zone, under-eye area in the form of a triangle, bridge of your nose, and area around the nostrils, chin, and the area above your jawline. Make sure to blend it completely using taping motions with a beauty blender, so it doesn’t leave any harsh lines or move the product too much. Once blended you will see that it creates more dimension to your face and will accentuate the higher points on your face and give you a natural glow.


The contouring mainly recedes and sculpts the features of your face to create an illusion of a more chiseled and toned look. Pick out a product that is darker than your foundation it can be another foundation in a darker shade or a concealer. With contouring it all depends upon your face shape and which areas of your face you would like to recede or contour; for example if you don’t like the shape of your nose or think it’s too big you can slim it down by contouring both sides of your nose. The same goes for your forehead & jawline. The face shape that is considered ideal is the oval face shape, and you should always aim your contouring to achieve an oval shape. Otherwise you can only contour the parts you don’t like or want to make them look smaller.

Each person is different, but let us just give you a rough idea of which parts people like to contour mostly.

  1. Under your cheekbone: Begin contouring from the top of your ear along the hollow of your cheekbone towards the corner of your lip but not all the way to your mouth. Make sure to apply the product just at the right place, not too high or low, because that will make your face look out of proportion.
  2. Forehead: Contour side of your forehead around the temples and the starting of your forehead along the hairline. This will make your forehead look smaller and make your face look slimmer and oval.       
  3. Jawline: Draw a contour line along your jawline, starting below your earlobes from the corner of your jawline all the way to your chin.
  4. Nose: It is better to use your flat synthetic brush to apply the product on your nose, more narrow the lines are on each side of your nose, the slimmer your nose will look. Start contouring from the inner corners of your eyebrow all the way to sides of your nose.

Now blend out all the lines you have drawn on your face using a damp beauty blender in gentle tapping motions as you don’t want to wipe off or spread the product on the other areas of your face. Make sure to blend enough that there are no harsh lines, and the highlighted areas of your face look totally in sync with the contoured parts. Blend the concealer on your forehead upwards in your hairline for a natural effect while the contour on the jawline needs to be blended towards the neck to make your face look more chiseled and with a sculpted jawline.

For nose, grab a small angled brush for precision and go along the product to soften the drawn outlines and blend it out.

You will see that now your face looks more sculpted, slimmer and toned. Now you can either go ahead with the powder contour and highlighting powder to set your cream/ liquid foundation you used earlier. That pretty much is all you need to know about contouring if you have any questions or inquiries feel free to ask in the comments section below.

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Everything you need to know about Foundations and How to Pick the Right Foundation Shade for your skin

Picking out the right kind of foundation shade has to be one of the biggest challenges in makeup, this is mostly because the skin across your face is different in coloring, but there are some tips which will guide you in picking up the perfect shade for your skin color. Before your quest begins you need to figure out which type of foundation is best for your skin type.

Types of Foundations:

There are typically 4 types of foundations available in the market:

· Liquid Foundation:

They are generally suitable for all skin kinds, whether it be dry, oily or combination skin type

· Cream Foundation:

Cream foundations are mostly somewhat similar to liquid foundations, but the texture of the creamy foundations is much heavier, so it is more suitable for people with dry to combination skin types. It is because it is more on the oily textured side; the formula is more oily and sticky.

· Stick Foundation:

Stick foundations are mostly used in professional makeup looks and are available from high to low ranges. Stick foundations are suitable for oily skin types and are not easy to blend, therefore should only be used by professionals or someone who has an idea about working with the stick foundation and can blend it properly. They are heavy coverage foundations that are more used for filming and photography purposes.

· Powder Foundation:

Powder foundations are more suitable for oily skin or as setting powder on top of your liquid or creamy foundations to set it in place.

Figure Out your Skin Undertone:

Another essential factor is to find your undertone, now this can be a little hard, but we will give you a few tips as to how you can find your correct undertone.

There are 3 categories of undertones:

  • Cool Tone
  • Warm Tone
  • Neutral Tone

So the first step in finding the right undertone of your skin type is to look at your veins on your wrists. If your veins are more greenish in color, then you are likely to have a warm undertone, mostly people with wheatish to brown complexion are warm undertone.

If your veins are on the blue-ish, purple side, chances are you have a cooler undertone. If you have combination of both green and blue colored veins, then you must have a more peach, neutral undertone.

Another trick to finding the undertone is if you can carry on golden jewelry more, then you are more likely to be warm undertone and if you standout more wearing silver jewelry that will make you a cooler undertoned person. If you are able to flaunt both and look good then you are a neutral undertoned person. So more your skin tone is on the lighter side you are cooler undertone.

How to Pick your Right Foundation Shade:

The first thing we would like you to do is stop testing your foundation shade on your wrist or the back of your hand to match for the right tone. Never swatch the foundation anywhere, but your face as the shade of your hand and face is always different. The best way to test the foundation is to swatch it on your jawline bringing it down to your neck. If the foundation disappears in your skin it’s a true match.

 If you can see the marks of foundation, it is either too light or dark for you and does not match your skin; the swatch actually should disappear in your skin for it to be the perfect shade for you.

Another great tip for testing your foundation is to take a picture of your face with flash on when you have tested out the foundation shades, and you will immediately find out which shade is the most appropriate for you. If you appear greyer, lighter, or darker in a flash it’s a no go.

We do realize that you cannot always visit a drugstore or cosmetics shop too purchase a foundation and try it on, and not many beauty companies will send you samples for testing. In that case we suggest that you study the names and numbers of the foundations very carefully, as it can guide you in the right direction. They are generally named from cooler tones to neutral and warm tones. Whichever undertones you have will go parallel with the foundation shade. This is how you can anticipate the closest shade of the foundation online that might go perfectly with your skin tone.

Never test your foundation under artificial shade, florescent or yellow light as you will never be able to figure out the right tone. The best way to test your foundation is out in the natural light as it works the best.

However, due to any reason you cannot find the right shade for your skin color you can always make your own custom shade by mixing two or three different foundations and create your perfect shade.

Hope this article was helpful in finding your right foundation. If you have any questions, please feel free to drop us a comment in the comments section below.

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Hair Solutions for Dry and Damaged Hair

The pollution these days is not only damaging the environment but also your hair. It is one of the major causes your hair looks dry, dull, and brittle. Health, diet, or illness can also be responsible for poor hair, but you shouldn’t worry, as we are here to talk about our tried and tested hair solutions for dry, damaged hair


Ever wonder why our mothers and grandmother have always badgered us about oiling our hair and why there is always a bottle of oil (mustard, caster, and olive) found in their toilet or the dresser? The obvious reason, they know better! Oil is an essential ingredient to get gorgeous and healthy hair. Not only oil is essential for nourishment of your scalp, but also treats dandruff, split ends and open follicles. Oil your hair from roots to tips of your hair and wrap in hot towel for an hour or two and then wash your hair and thank us later. Try doing this twice or thrice a week to see a major transformation of your hair.

Hair Masks:

There are a variety of hair masks available in the market these days made up of active ingredients such as jojoba, magnesium, and proteins that are an absolute necessity for your hair. If you don’t want to invest in commercial products the best way to go is with our favorite DIY Hair Masks. Not only these common ingredients are always lying around your kitchen, but you will instantly bring back life to your hair.

Detoxify and Shampoo:

Just like how important it is to look after your skin for a glowy and clear complexion, same with your scalp, to have shiny and healthy hair, having Healthy scalp is most important. Detoxifying your scalp of dead skin cells and product residue helps cleaning your hair follicles and for the growth of new hair. Hair fall is a natural process, but excessive hair fall can lead to stress and bald spots, which to be fair nobody likes. Detoxifying your scalp will help you not only lead to less hair fall but also will help you grow new hair from roots. The massage itself improves blood circulation and relaxes you.

With all the fancy shampoos available in the market it gets so confusing which shampoo to use. Always find the shampoo with right ingredients that will suit your hair type. The shampoo with organic ingredients and fewer chemicals are the best. Never apply shampoo directly to hair but dilute with water first and then apply on hair. It’s better not to over rub your hair while washing as that will lead to major hair breakage. Only massage your scalp and let the remaining hair rinse off.


After shampoo, conditioning is the utmost important step that you should not overlook ever. Make sure to cover all your hair from the tips of your hair to top but leave the roots. The conditioner nourishes the hair, locks in the moisture that is stripped off by shampooing, and makes your hair soft and shiny. Make sure to use the right kind of conditioner for your hair type and need. Use the conditioner on wet hair after shampoo and leave it in for a few minutes before rinsing it off with water. Towel dry and apply a leave-in conditioner for smoother, shinier and softer hair. Let your hair air dry instead of using hair dryer as hot, dry air will do more harm to your hair.

Hair Serums and Heat Protectants:

It has become nearly impossible to style your hair without using any electrical heating hair styling tool, whether it be a hair straightener, curler or dryer. All these tools not only damage your hair but are the major cause of hair fall, dry & brittle hair, so it is better to avoid using them but if you must then always use heat protectant products and hair serums to protect your hair from getting damaged.

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