5 Must-Have Beauty Products to Get Flawless Makeup Look Every Time

There is no secret that every expert has their own hacks when it comes to creating their flawless makeup looks, and no one tells you about these secrets. It can be so hard to choose and figure out the right kinds of products as the companies are launching new products every single day. So keeping your struggles into consideration today we are going to let you in some of our secrets. At Bella Shades of beauty we have highly trained professionals, and qualified makeup experts that are sharing their must-have beauty products that they use in creating gorgeous makeup looks for different occasions, these products are used in every look throughout the time consistently.

1.   Setting Powder:

No makeup look is ever complete without applying a setting powder. Setting powder helps locks in the foundation and concealer, fill in the pores, and also absorb the excess oil from your skin. For more conventional, glowy makeup looks, you can use the loose setting powder over your T- zone, however for longer hours, you should also set your concealer under the eyes, and the whole face with a setting powder.

Setting powder is also removes the undesirable glow in photography and videography and makes you look flawless in all images. The very famous baking technique used by all the famous MUAs and influencers is also achieved by using the setting powder.

We recommend Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder as it is super-blendable and does not make you look cakey.

2. Beauty Blender

You can apply your foundation without having this heaven-sent beauty product called Beauty blender. It is an egg-shaped sponge that puffs up when you wet it before using your foundation with it on your face. It is multitasking product that works with every skin type and every makeup look. Whether you are aiming for dewy skin, matte, or full coverage, beauty blender will not let you down.  Make sure to take care of it as it can harbor bacteria that can cause spots and other problems. Wash the beauty blender after every use, dry it in the sun, and store in a closed container.

3. Concealer

You can complete any makeup look without a good concealer. It is used widely to hide your dark circles and spots, but the experts also use the concealer to soften, sculpt or highlight certain areas of your areas to accentuate your bright features. The only issue one might face is that there are tens of thousands of formulations, finishes, and also colors offered, so it’s hard to figure out the right kind of concealer for you. The absolute factor is selecting your color; the general rule of makeup is to get a shade lighter than your foundation. To get more natural coverage you can also mix your concealer with foundation and achieve the perfect air-brush effect on your skin.

Tip: Always begin applying concealer under the eye, then blend it up towards the tail of your eyebrow; this will give the illusion of lifted eyes all the while moisturizing your eyes. Do not forget to blend it properly, so it melts into your base. Our experts recommend always using a damp beauty blender for a flawless application of your concealer.

4. Lip-liner

The perfect lip liner to get your ideal pout is also a must-have in your beauty bag. You cannot miss the lip-liner in any makeup look, not only the lip liner contours and add definition your lips but also acts as a base for your lipstick and stops it from bleeding. You can shape your lips however you want and make them look more appealing.

It is recommended that you use a nude lip liner for light skin tones, and for brownish skin, you should apply a color deeper than your skin tone to add depth and dimension to your lips.

5. Eyelash curler

An excellent lash curler is the most essential for achieving long, sexy curled eyelashes. A good curler immediately lifts and curls your lashes and create a dramatic change to you your whole makeup look. Lash curlers and lashes are a match made in heaven, and one should not exist without the other.

Though lash curlers may possibly look a bit scary, they are surprisingly user-friendly. Simply put your lashes between the lash curlers, then lightly press on the top and bottom framework together. Hold for 10 seconds and walla you have gorgeous curled lashes!

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